BMW M5 Celebrates 30th Birthday

BMW has been putting out M5's for 30 years as of 2015 and to celebrate they wanted to do something special for us. And what could be more special than an M5 that will only have 30 copies in the US and 300 in the entire world? Probably nothing.

Drivers of these limited edition vehicles will experience 600-hp and 516 lb-ft torque, the most power any BMW production model has ever had. They will also receive a day of M Driving School at a private motorsports institution, The Thermal Club, in Palm Springs, CA.

So now we're wondering what makes this model special, besides the fact that there is only 30 in the U.S. We could start with the "Frozen Dark Silver Metallic"1  paint job, twin dual exhaust pipes, and bi-color alloy wheels. Both interior and exterior flaunt "30 Jahre Badges."

While the 30th anniversary M5 edition only has 30 copies available in the U.S. we at BMW of Bloomington have a much wider variety of other BMW models. You can visit us at 1604 Commerce Parkway Bloomington, IL 61704.1

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