How to Use Online Shopper

Smartphone and Tablet with Online Shopper

Online Shopper is a user-friendly way to bring car buying into the 21st century. This tool at BMW of Bloomington allows you to find and buy your new or used car in Bloomington from the comfort of your couch in Normal or on your lunch break in Decatur. Learn more below about what this tool can do to make your car buying experience easier.

What is Online Shopper?

Online Shopper is a car-buying platform that allows you to completely find, finance, and buy a car online from BMW of Bloomington — whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Online Shopper uses real-time inputs to guide you toward the best financing offer your new or used vehicle in Normal, doing everything short of buying your car online.

It takes just a few minutes to answer the Online Shopper questions, and it will automatically develop a personalized new or used car deal for you at BMW of Bloomington.

Using Online Shopper to Buy a Car Online

How do you use Online Shopper? Follow the simple steps below to buy your next BMW online in the Decatur area.

  1. Select Your Car: Find the new vehicle or used vehicle you’re looking for in our online inventory, and then select “Explore Payment Options.”
  2. Answer Questions: A new tab will open, and you’ll be asked basic questions about you, your driving habits, any potential rebates, and your credit score. This information gives Online Shopper what it needs to create your personalized deal.
  3. Trade-In: If you’re trading in a car toward your purchase, you can also fill in details about the year, make, model, and condition of your current vehicle.
  4. Down Payment: At this point, you can tell Online Shopper how much you’d like to put down toward your vehicle purchase. You don’t make the payment at this time; rather, this info is used to create your finance offer.
  5. Choose Finance Terms: Select your preferred finance terms, and you’ll be given a finance offer based on all of the previous information you’ve provided.

Finalize Your Online Car Purchase

Once the Online Shopper form is complete, finish up your purchase with the following additional steps:

  • Credit Application: If you choose to complete the application, Online Shopper will send you an automated email directing you back to Online Shopper so you can finalize the deal. If you don’t complete a credit application, BMW of Bloomington will get in touch regarding next steps.
  • Final Terms Sheet: You’ll receive a final terms sheet displaying your monthly payments and your approved interest rate. At this point, you can also add a warranty or any accessories to protect your purchase. After your warranty and accessory selections, you will receive your final payment plan.
Online Shopper Conversations Messaging on Phone

You’re Done — Pick Up Your New BMW!

After following all these steps, your purchase is complete. Once you’ve received your final payment plan, you can schedule the pickup of your vehicle at BMW of Bloomington, where you’ll make your down payment and sign the financing agreement. Have any questions about this process, or want any general car buying tips about things like trading in a financed car? We’ll also happily address any questions you have, so get in touch online!

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