How to Program a BMW Key Fob

BMW Key Fob

If you’re ever finding yourself in a situation where you need new a BMW key fob replacement, feel free to visit our service experts. We’ll be more than happy to help you replace the battery on your BMW key fob and even program a new BMW key fob if needed.

However, if you’ve purchased a new BMW key fob and you’d like to know how to program it in your own Normal garage, we can also assist. Learn all about your BMW key fob today with BMW of Bloomington! Here’s what we’ll go over regarding your BMW key fob:

  • Where to get a BMW key fob replacement?
  • What is the BMW key fob battery?
  • How to replace the battery on a BMW key fob
  • Different ways to program a BMW key fob for new & older models

BMW Key Fob Replacement

So, you’ve lost your BMW key fob and you’re in need of a replacement. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit a local BMW dealership parts center. We’ve got one at BMW of Bloomington
  2. The technician will ask for your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN number, which can be found near the front of your windshield or in your driver’s door jamb. Of course, you’ll also need to prove that the vehicle is your own by showing your driver’s license, car title, and registration.
  3. You’ll need to pay a fee in order to have BMW send you the new key.
  4. The new fob will be delivered to whichever dealership you initially contacted. We can mail it to you, or wait for you to come to pick it up!
 Man visiting BMW dealership

BMW Key Fob Battery Replacement

Before you go through the trouble of getting a BMW key fob replacement, it’s a good idea to check your BMW key fob battery. Sometimes, you’ll simply need to replace the battery on your BMW key fob and it’ll be in working order for you to utilize again. If you want to replace the battery on your BMW key fob, check your owner’s manual first to confirm the kind of battery you need.

Oftentimes, the BMW key fob battery is a CR2032 battery which is also referred to as a “watch battery.” Once you’ve got a new BMW key fob battery, you’ll want to carefully remove the key fob cover, replace the new one in gently, and simply place the key fob cover back on. With these steps, you’ll be back on the Decatur roads in no time.

Watch Battery

Programming a New BMW Key & Syncing Additional Key Fobs

The process to program a new BMW key and sync additional key fobs to your BMW are nearly identical. However, the steps do differ depending on the type of key that your BMW utilizes. Many new BMW models that have push button start have a key fob with a physical key hidden within the key fob. Older BMW models may have an actual key that you insert into the ignition. The process for both BMW models are simple to follow as long as you’ve ordered the correct key from our parts center.

If not, make the short trip from Pekin to our parts department before you begin, otherwise, you may be left stranded without a working key. It’s also important to remember that the steps to program your BMW can vary depending on your exact model so keep this in mind before you begin. With that being said, here are the general steps to program a new BMW key to your vehicle:

Older BMW Models With Physical Key

  1. Remove the metal key from the new fob. Insert it into the ignition.
  2. Turn the key to position 1, and then back. Repeat this move five times fast. You should hear a small click each time you move to position 1, but the engine should never turn over.
  3. Remove the key and place it back in the BMW fob. Now, you’ll use the buttons on the fob to finish the process.
  4. Hold the unlock button down, then press the BMW logo three times in rapid succession. Then, remove your finger from the unlock button.
  5. If you have additional BMW keys that you need to program, repeat step four with each additional fob, within thirty seconds of syncing the original.
  6. Turning on the ignition will complete the syncing process for each of the fobs you’ve connected.

Newer BMW Models With Key Fob Remote

  1. Unlock your vehicle with a working key fob or with the physical key in your key fob remote.
  2. Get into your BMW and ensure that there are no other key fobs in your vehicle, including any existing ones.
  3. Locate the key symbol on the side of your steering column.
  4. Place your new key fob on the key symbol on the side of your steering column.
  5. While holding the key fob on the steering column, put your foot on the brake (or clutch if you’ve got a BMW with a manual transmission) and start your vehicle using the start button.
  6. If equipped, your BMW iDrive system will prompt you to put a name to the key you just used to start your vehicle.

Visit BMW of Bloomington for All Your Parts & Service Needs!

The instructions above should work for most BMW vehicles. However, if you run into trouble, the experts at BMW of Bloomington are happy to help! You can always stop by our service and parts center in Bloomington for assistance or you can reach out to us online if you’re not able to stop by. Interested in adding even more convenience to your drives? Find out how to update your BMW software today!

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