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If you are planning to sell your car in the Normal area, the easiest way to get top dollar for your used vehicle is to visit BMW of Bloomington. Can you sell a car to a dealership? You bet you can. We buy used cars whether you wish to purchase a vehicle from us or not. We are always looking to add quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs to our pre-owned vehicle inventory, and we are prepared to pay you the fair market price on the spot. Find out how to sell your car at our dealership in Bloomington today!

Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership Instead of Selling it Privately?

Selling a car privately vs. selling to a dealership – which is better? When deciding how to sell your car, you should take the following into consideration:

  • Selling Privately: To sell your car on your own you will need to place an ad either in a local Decatur-area paper or on an online platform such as Craigslist. Then you’ll have to field inquiries from prospective buyers, arrange test drives, haggle over the price, and handle all of the necessary paperwork. In the end, it can wind up taking weeks if not longer before you offload the vehicle. 
  • Selling to a Dealership: If you sell your car to BMW of Bloomington, we’ll appraise your vehicle and make you an offer in an hour or less. The process is simple, straightforward, and convenient. We’ll even handle all of the paperwork for you!

How to Prepare a Car to Sell to a Dealership

Selling a car to a dealership like BMW of Bloomington is simple, easy, and hassle-free. The first thing you should do is prepare the car to sell. Just following the steps below:

  • Have your car washed and detailed
  • Make any necessary minor repairs such as replacing burned out bulbs and small parts that may be damaged or worn out. Major repairs can be left to the dealership, as it will cost them less to fix. 
  • Remember to remove all personal items from the car

When you have your vehicle ready to sell, it is important that you get an idea of exactly how much it is worth. BMW of Bloomington offers a convenient online Value Your Trade tool, which can provide you with an estimate of your car’s value in seconds. Once you have an estimate of the car’s value, gather up all of the necessary paperwork including the title, registration, proof of insurance, and any outstanding loan information. It’s also a good idea to also include the vehicle service records to show that it has been kept up to date on routine maintenance services. Here’s what to expect when you bring the vehicle and paperwork to BMW of Bloomington:

  • Meet a Sales Associate: One of our friendly sales team members will greet you, collect and review your paperwork, and then run a vehicle history report on your car. 
  • Inspection and Appraisal: We will have one of our service technicians inspect and evaluate the appearance and mechanical condition of the vehicle.
  • Receive an Offer: Based upon the results of the vehicle history report, the inspection, and the current market value of your vehicle, we will make you an offer. If you accept our offer, you can either take the cash or put the value towards the purchase of a new vehicle

Sell Your Car Today at BMW of Bloomington!

Now that you have the answer to questions like “can you sell a car to a dealership” and “how to sell your car”, the team at BMW of Bloomington is ready to show you just how easy it is to offload your old car and get the best possible deal today! We buy used cars, and whether you are planning on trading in a financed car or selling your vehicle outright, we’re here to make the process simple and stress-free. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


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